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We have our monthly meetup scheduled to take place on the first thursday of each month. We have members of all skill levels, and we cover topics of all types!

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Every month we get together and talk about interesting topics in the PHP community.

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The InNEVation Center // 6795 Edmond St Las Vegas, NV 89118 // Date: Aug 04, 2017 // RSVPs: 17

Swimming with Docker & Becoming a Bug Exterminator!

Hello PHP Fans!

For Augusts meetup we have two awesome PHP topics that is sure to blow the doors off this place. We have Cody presenting his talk titled "Swimming with Docker" where he covers Docker & PHP. Cody is a mid level PHP Dev with a love for dev ops. 

Additionally, I (Joshua Copeland) will be speaking about Xdebug! My talk is titled "Becoming a Bug Exterminator!" which will cover debugging in great length.  This is one of three conference talks I'm putting together and covers a huge amount of area in the debugging arena. If you are still using var_dump then you NEED to attend this meetup.

We have prizes and food by our wonderful sponsors. As always our meetups are FREE, FUN, and best of all EDUCATIONAL!

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Check out our website at PHPVegas.com

More information regarding the event will be added is the date draws near.


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